Home Security

Home security is important but deciding what you need can be difficult. Where do you start with home security? Platinum Alarm has several suggestions for you, starting with the most basic that we recommend for everyone, then adding on for additional levels of security.

1. Doorbell + Driveway Camera

If you had a camera at your doorbell, or facing your driveway it might deter suspicious activity, and can capture activity on camera. Smart doorbell cameras can also come with additional features like two-way talk, night vision, Amazon Alexa support, and motion detection.

2. Door Sensors

Doggy door sensors should also be included when you decide to add motion sensors to doors. When a burglar picks a lock or climbs through a doggy door, sensors sound the alarm—doing everything from emitting a loud siren to triggering your home security system to sending you an alert on your smart phone.

3. Smart Smoke + Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors don’t just sound the alarm, they also alert your smart phone. If you choose, you can also have them alert dispatch.

4. Motion + Glass Break Sensors

Because door and window sensors will only activate if the actual door or window is opened, no alarm will sound if a criminal walks through a shattered sliding door, or through a broken window opening. Additional motion and glass break sensors give you an extra layer of protection.

5. Smart Personal Notifications

In addition to protection from intruders, it can be important to be notified when personal items like a gun safe are opened. Other popular smart notifications: outdoor gate opened, RV opened, garage door opened, and more.

6. Water Leak + Freeze Sensor

Water sensors can detect water leaks and send alerts to your phone. Suggested locations include: beneath toilets, beneath the kitchen sink, under the washing machine, near the water heater, and more. In addition to water leaks, sensors can be placed near pipes that have the potential to freeze in the winter, notifying you before the pipes freeze.

Home Security System Prices

Prices for home security systems depend on a combination of what type of system you’re looking for as well as any product or installation fees. Monthly membership fees can reduce the cost of products (or even make them free), but buying them outright if you don’t want monitoring might be a better choice. 

For an accurate look at cost, give us a call for a free consultation and we can review what level of protection you want, and give you personalized pricing options.

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